A burial procession at Waalse Kerk around 1760:

Could the fact that this is a Huguenot church for the french speaking Walloons and the earlier spellings of the family name in Slagelse was AMELON, be an allusion for the families origin as huguenot?

In 1772 the bookbinder Jürgen AMELING from Slagelse/Denmark got citizen of Amsterdam. He was married with Anna Catharina PAULSEN from Astrup in Denmark.
The from now on spelled Jurrien (sometimes Jerroen or Jurriaan) AMMELING became owner of a bookbindery and printing office "op den Zeedyk by de Waterpoortsteeg" and was selling books as well (Concordia-Boek). The 12th of september in 1794 he was been buried in the "Waalse Kerk" of Amsterdam.

Children: Anna Maria AMELING (* 20.04.1772 - who founded my stirp) Anna AMELING (~ 19.12.1773) Jan Fredrik AMELING (~ 12.10.1777) Paulus AMELING (~ 25.09.1782)
-> The family of Paulus could be followed some generations in Amsterdam with names like VAN DEN BRINK, VAN DEN BERG and WINDMEIJER.

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