Sönke Jessen PETERSEN

(08-27-1864 until 04-25-1932)
In america called: "Jesse Petersen"

Profession: 1900: Engineer (Mill) 1920: Carpenter (Railroad)
On Feb. the 21. in 1888 he married Maria BAHRT (*1859) in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. She had already a son (Peter *1884) and immigrated with him in 1887. "Jesse" and Maria also had one son together: Christ (Chris) W. (*1888) and they lived in 1900 at Buffalo Avenue in Chicago. In 1920 "Jesse" was a widow and lived as a Roomer at Wentworth Ave. He died 1932 at his residence, 8010 Dante Ave.
His son Chris Petersen is still alive at this time, so maybe there are relatives living in Chicago today!
With the S.S. Silesia he arrived New York in April 1882