The LERCHE Family

Christian Mommsen LERCHE (b. 1838-09-17 in Süderlügum)

He went with his older children to America. His wife Catharina Maria (nee HANSEN - see photo on the left) planned to catch up later. But unfortunately he died 1890 by a train accident in the US, so his wife stayed on the farm, while half of their children are trying to find their happiness in America.
Catharina Maria was a daughter to the colonist Bennet HANSEN, who was a very special and unique ancestor of mine.
The 3 children who emigarted with their father:
Christian Mommsen LERCHE (b. 1861-12-22 in Braderupfeld)
He died very soon by an horseback riding accident. It must have been nearly at the same time his father lost his life.

Friedrich Wilhelm Emil LERCHE (b.1863-10.24 in Braderupfeld)
He settled in Owego, NY and married Lois P. KIPP and later a Lena (1886-1922). His Children named Fred, Jayson (both b. 1907?), Lorena M (b.1904?)., Isabelle (1911-1981) Frank W.(b.1915?) and Charlotte B. (b.1919?)
Isabelle Pride LERCHE was married to George Allan BURDICK

The BURDICKs of Tioga, NY:
Isabelle, George, Hope and Chuck
Bendine Christine LERCHE (b. 1870-06-18 in Braderupfeld)
She married Fred P. FRELLESEN and they had the Children William, Gena Marie (1893-1973), Rowena, Clarence (1905-1973), Charles (1907-1977), Fred jr., Benjamin (1911-1979), Leon, Christine, May and Lucille.
Gena Marie FRELLESEN (called ´Gene´) married around 1905 Leon MACK from Farrington.
Clarence FRELLESEN (called `Dutch`) married Eva May GRIPPEN from Pennsylvania. They´d at least 2 daughters.

Please contact me, if you are a member of one of these mentioned families. I would really like to know more about
the fate of the emigrated relatives.