Christian Peter KOLBECK

He was a brother to my Wife´s greatgrandmother and was born at the 3rd of October in 1861. The nowadays danish church registers notice his residence in 1885 as America. His sisters photo album from 1890 shows a picture of a young man wich is token in Davenport, Iowa. We assume that this is him (left side).

Here is a chart of the KOLBECK-family to give you some more background informations. Click to enlarge in a new window (500kb) ==>
Please have a look at all the pictures by clicking the emblem. Maybe you recognize a person or just have the same picture at home. If you need a better scan just let me know.
There are some more pictures from America in the old photo album and they are fortunately even labeled with names, but we have no information about the connection to our family:
Sophia ....... ?
We can´t decipher the woman´s familyname...