The JOHANNSEN Brothers

This chapter is just to make the lists of emigrants complete. In fact the descendants are found and I´m in contact with "Willy" Johannsen, one of the emigrants sons who was able to give me some very useful informations.

Detlef Jürgen JOHANNSEN
(1909-10-21 until 1999-09-22)
He had no children.
Johann Friedrich Peter JOHANNSEN
(1911-02-11 until 2001-07-21)
Children: Martha Marie (born 1941) married WEBER, John Frederick JOHANNSEN (1944-1994), Lillie Ann JOHANNSEN (1949-1991) and James William Blaine JOHANNSEN (*1951).

They grew up in a small village called Süderlügum and their mother was the youngest sister to the 3 Petersens who emigrated in the 1880´s. (Have a look for them at the index of contents)

The Johannsen-Brothers went by train to Hamburg to leave Germany on a steamboat (USS Cleveland) the 3rd of January in 1930. 10 days later they reached New York.
At first they stayed with their Uncles Bahne and Sönke (called Jesse) in Chicago, before they moved on to the third uncle Jergen in McClave, Colorado. They settled down in Lamar and became farmer there.


"John" and Detlef