Jürgen Boisen PETERSEN

(*08-28-1861 until 04-19-1939)
in America often spelled: "Jergen Petersen"

Profession: Farmer
(Sheep Shearer as well as growing Horses and Sheeps)

After a long search I finally found something about him, because two nephews immigrated in the 1930s and stayed in his neighbouhood.
At first "Jurgen" stayed with his Brothers in Chicago. But because of his asthma he moved to the near of McClave in Southeast Colorado. He became an expert in Sheep Shearing and worked in Colorado, Wyoming and maybe New Mexico. He married Mary Frances NN (1856-1953) who was born in Indiana. They had no Children but cared for a neighbours boy named Walter Rowe. Walther was born around 1902 and inherited the farm wich he sold immediately and moved out of state.
...Unfortunately noone knows where...