The EDLEFSEN Brothers

Edlef Caspar EDLEFSEN
(08-02-1836 until 05-25-1916)
Emigrated before 1870. His Chrildren: Catharina married John JAKOBSEN, Dora °°STRAND, Christine married William BOHM, Jenny married Morris HÜNDING, Lucy °° BLAKE, Emma married Charlie ACKERSON, and John. Descendants are still living in the area of Princeton, Ill.

Friedrich Carl Ferdinand EDLEFSEN
Went 1884 to America. His children named: Johanna °° HABHEGGAR in Milwaukee, Christina (*1869) °° PRÄFKE in Princeton, Anna Maria (*1871) who married the farmer Peter CHRISTIANSEN in Princeton. Maria who moved with his man William HEIDEMANN to New Braunsfeld, TX and Johannes. He settled in Minneapolis, where his descendants still living...

Was just 21 when he left his home and was the first of the Edlefsen brothers who emigrated. He moved through several states of the middle west and settled down in Princeton. His Children: Christina (died at the age of 20), Sophia (1883-1915)°° JOHNSON, Johny in Princeton, Margarethe °° HUBARD in Princeton, Dora °°CZECH in Manlius

I know that there still exists a contact between familymembers in Germany and America. And furthermore is a big clan meeting taking place every five years in Westre, wich is the homestead of the Edlefsen clan. I haven´t attend until now, but I hope to be there the next time.





Edlef Caspar EDLEFSEN
in Uniform of the Schleswig-Holstein Army. In the 1860´s, I guess...


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